Call for Papers

International Journal of Technology and Engineering Education

        International Journal of Technology and Engineering Education (IJTEE) is a refereed international journal for engineering teachers, administrators, university professors and other educators with engineering. This journal makes biannual published every Jun. and Dec.  Moreover, papers to be considered for inclusion in the IJTEE should be submitted directly to the Association of Taiwan Engineering Education and Management (ATEEM).
        The unique quality of IJTEE is its commitment to provide educators with engineering teaching. In the teaching organization of engineering, the growth of science and technology creates unprecedented opportunities for the approach of learning. Contributors write in a variety of genres, such as articles based on theory and research, educationally relevant reviews of technology, and the other support engineering education relevant technical or scientific. Exchange of information can yield novel insights into education of organizational effectiveness and capacity to address new challenges.
        Notably, original papers, not previously published, will be considered for publication on the basis of referee reports from at least two independent international referees. Authors of papers accepted will be required to transfer copyrights to the publisher. All contributions must be in English and adhere to the guidelines published in Publication Guidelines of the American Psychological Association format (APA 5th Edition). Papers will be fully edited and English corrected to ensure Standard English form and expression. The publisher reserves the right not to return original manuscripts submitted for publication. Contributions in the form of a paper should comprise a MS Word file. In preparing papers, authors are kindly asked to strictly adhere to the instructions for authors.

¡¸Paper focus:
    Engineering Epistemologies
    Engineering Learning Mechanisms
    Engineering Curriculum and Teaching Systems
    Engineering Education Diversity and Inclusiveness
    Engineering Education Assessment and Evaluation
    Engineering e-Learning
    Engineering Innovative and Entrepreneurship Education
    K-12 Technical and Technology Education
¡¸Submission of Papers:
    The paper should be uploaded to the IJTEE website in MS word format.
    As for article format, please refer to Paper Guidelines provided on the IJTEE website.
    For more information, please visit